Purchasing FAQ


Both FREE and PRO plans offer the full NinjaMock functionality. In the FREE plan your project is public and limited to 200 elements. In FREE plan you cannot export your project.

Can I get a free trial

You don't need a trial. FREE plans have all the functionality you find in PRO plans - but limited. In FREE plans, your projects are public and limited to 200 elements.

What is a project

It's anything you make in NinjaMock. A project could be a mock-up of a website or mobile app - no matter how many pages it contains, or how many people that are working on it.

What are public projects

Public projects are visible for all users of NinjaMock and may be featured on our website. Only projects under the FREE plan are public.

I need more projects

If you've got a lot of ideas you'd like to mock up, you can always upgrade your plan and get more projects to work on. Just click "Change plan" on My Account.

What payment types

We accept automatic credit card payments. That's it.

Can I pay annually

Yes, we offer annual plans. You save up to 30% just by paying once a year.

Hidden fees

No nothing.

Is my data safe

Yes, we store all data on our secure servers and do daily backups.

Can I pause my account

Yes, you can set your account on pause, if you know that you will not be using NinjaMock for a while. The monthly cost is $5. We will keep your projects saved until you need them again.

How do I cancel

You can cancel anytime. Money already paid will not be refunded, but no further payment will be drawn from your account.


If you downgrade to a plan with fewer projects than you currently have, you must delete the excess projects. You decide what projects to delete, but you cannot downgrade if you have more projects than the plan allows.