How to make wireframes in NinjaMock

Start making wireframes

Take a quick overview of the working area in NinjaMock and get familiar with the palettes and start to make wireframes.

Use icons in your wireframes

Learn how to spice up your ui wireframe with vector based icons or use icons from the world’s largest icon collection for free.

Make wireframes using drawing tools

Learn how the powerful wireframe drawing tools in Ninjamock works and enhance your productivity with tips and tricks.

Make wireframes using alignment tools

Use the alignment tools to help you trim your items. And easily find hidden items when your wireframes gets filled.

Make wireframes using elements

Use the many basic elements and tweak them to fit exactly your purpose and ideas.

Share your wireframes

One of the main ideas behind wireframe drawing is about sharing your ideas. Learn how to share your selected pages with those you choose.

Create a shopping app in 10 min.(1)

Create a shopping app in no time. Follow this tutorial and get your online business running.

Create a shopping app in 10 min.(2)

We walk you through, how to create the pages that will make up your shopping app.

Create a shopping app in 10 min.(3)

Finishing this tutorial, you will have your first online shopping app ready for programming. Congratulations!

Create a business website in 10 min.(1)

Easy tutorial to get your business website up running fast. This is the initial overview.

Create a business website in 10 min.(2)

We are showing you how to create your service or product page and your company description page.

Create a business website in 10 min.(3)

Finishing this tutorial you will have a wireframe design to get coded. Congratulations!