Wireframe for Education – Create excitement and foster communication and team collaboration using an easy wireframe tool

At NinjaMock we believe that learning must be fun, inspiring and playful, building confidence and adding a feeling of progress and success to the students. Most of us remember that special teacher, who was really into what he or she was teaching and walked that extra mile to inspire and encourage us as students, to develop our skills in a fun and interesting way.

Using an easy wireframe tool like NinjaMock provides an opportunity to create excitement among students, whether the topic would be within design, coding, innovation and entrepreneurship, product development – or simply just for the fun of creating.


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Working with a simple wireframe tool is also great for team collaboration, as it allows the team to make ideas tangible, to facilitate communication, discussing pros and cons of different ideas and designs, allowing them to work through a design problem, taking different perspectives into consideration. Additionally, all team members are able to visualize their own ideas and the group can later take the best design pages from different team members and put it into one, ultimately exploiting all ideas of the group, ensuring to select the best possible solution.

Why use an easy wireframe tool for education?


  • Use an easy wireframe tool to create a feeling of excitement and bring out the passion and drive in your students.
  • Working in a wireframe editor provides a playful environment encouraging creation.
  • It brings out the joyof progressing in your students, seeing their ideas come to life throughthe finished wireframe designs.
  • It fosters communication, collaboration and ideation, creating together in teams.
  • It builds confidence and a feeling of pride, being able to share their wireframe designs with the world.
  • As the professor or teacher you can be set as “reviewer” and give feedback on the wireframe design within the NinjaMock wireframe editor.
  • It works as an eyeopener, “if I can create this, what else can I create?


Using an easy wireframe tool to facilitate learning through playful experimentation

NinjaMock provides a simple and playful environment for exploring creativity, collaboration, experimenting and learning, allowing students to develop skills and confidence within ideation and creation of wireframe designs.

Using an easy wireframe tool like NinjaMock encourages and empowers people to create. No doubt, that this will be a super cool and exciting learning experience for your students. This is a chance to experiment and play.


Let the creativity flow – Start Designing!

easy_ wireframe_tool.jpeg


Happy Creating,


The NinjaMock Team

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