NinjaMock | Why Mockup?

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At NinjaMock we encourage everyone with great ideas to start executing these and bring them into life, by using NinjaMock to visualize mobile app and web page ideas, taking the first crucial step in transforming an abstract idea into a tangible wireframe and mockup design and put it to market – fast.

Everything in this world is man-made. This is a chance for you, to leave your mark on the world, and have fun while seeing your ideas come into life.

So what are you waiting for? Feed your creative Ninja and start creating your mockup today, simply for:


mockup_ninjaface The joy of creating

ninjaface_mockup The joy of realizing your idea

ninjaface_mockup The joy of sharing and inspiring others with your idea

ninjaface_mockup The joy of collaborating with others during the online mockup process

ninjaface_mockup The joy of continuously developing your design skills

ninjaface_mockup The joy of creating great user flows and receiving user feedback, with a clickable mockup

ninjaface_mockup The joy of improving your work and save time


At NinjaMock we strive to provide an easy mockup tool, simple to use, yet powerful.

We want to provide an environment of playful creation to unleash your inner Ninja and pursue your greatest dreams.

Please send us your mockup to: marked “ninja creator community”, We will showcase the best success stories. We love seeing the amazing things, that people are able to create using NinjaMock. It is truly inspiring!

For inspiration you can read, my first wireframe, an example of a user succes story.

Happy creating,

The NinjaMock Team