Samples – Wireframe examples created by Ninjas

Need inspiration for your next project? Or just curious to see how your fellow Ninjas are designing in NinjaMock. We are launching a new Samples page with plenty of wireframe examples for your next project.


Get inspired by wireframe examples from other Ninjas in Samples!View projects created in NinjaMock. Preview, download and import them into your own account and reuse all that you want. Check it out!




Having a Samples page showcasing inspiring projects, has long been requested by current Ninjas and is now reality. We have selected our favourite public projects to inspire your creativity.

All FREE NinjaMock accounts are public, which means that any project created using a FREE account may be featured in this samples page and are available to fellow ninjas to download and use. Only projects created with PRO accounts are private.

By providing this Samples page we aim to make the wireframe creation process faster and easier, by providing wireframe examples for you to use and iterate to fit your own project. The overall goal of creating this Samples page is to strengthen the Ninja Community and inspire creation, sharing and contribution.


What type of wireframe examples can I find in the Samples page?

Within the Samples page you’ll find projects containing both Android and iPhone app wireframe examples as well as projects based on iPad, tablets, Windows, Freehand and browser designs. Use these and give yourself a head start designing your next project!


Do you want to show your wireframe examples in thisSamples page?

You can submit your project and inspire fellow Ninjas with your wireframe examples showcased in our Samples page. We reward the best wireframe projects with a PRO subscription. Submit your project to:

Start Designing! Taking inspiration from the new Wireframe Samples


Happy Creating ,

The NinjaMock Team