Are you a Programmer? Avoid headache using a simple wireframe tool

Avoid headache using a simple wireframe tool to make your coding more effective. Get feedback from clients and users, before starting to code, as it is much faster and easier to iterate a wireframe, than having to re-write your entire code.

Some say that the lazy programmer is the best programmer, why spend unnecessary time on coding, if you could be more effective? Whether you are collaborating with a team or it is just you and the client, using a simple wireframe tool is the key to using your time most effectively and getting satisfied clients.

NinjaMock makes you easily create, collaborate with colleagues in real time, share with clients and run user tests, before coding. Don’t worry, you’ll have full control over your project, assigning different roles to your team, such as “admin”, “designer” and “reviewer”.

Having a wireframe that has been user tested and approved by the client works as a blueprint for your code. It gives you an idea about where divs, headers, navs, images etc. are going to be. Follow this and you will be much more effective with your time, avoiding the headache of rewriting code, due to dissatisfied clients. To sum up, we have listed 6 reasons why wireframing is a must.




Why using a simple wireframe tool is a must for programmers:


  • Using a wireframe saves you time and headache by improving your workflow.
  • Using a simple wireframe tool like NinjaMock allows for real time collaboration.
  • Using a NinjaMock wireframe editor makes it possible to get client and user feedback within the application, ultimately creating better apps and websites.
  • Having a wireframe that is approved by the client and its users, works as a blueprint and plan of how to start coding most effectively.
  • Using a simple wireframe tool makes it possible to experiment with different structures, trying out different ideas, while they are easy to iterate, not wasting time coding the wrong thing.
  • Lastly, creating wireframes is easy and fun to do.


Start Designing! Make your work flow even more effective by using our template pagesor ready made projects from our Samplespage.



Happy Creating!

The NinjaMock Team

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