Dreamers who Do – Imagination, Action, the Magic Ingredients in Entrepreneurship

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? Entrepreneurs are often described as dreamers who do. In this article we highlight the magic ingredients of entrepreneurship as imagination and action. Later, we explain how you can use simple wireframe software, to visualize ideas and transform dreaming into action.

Entrepreneurs are dreamers who do

Entrepreneurs have often been described as “dreamers who do” and this is a very fitting description looking at the current available knowledge within the field of entrepreneurship. Despite different approaches to entrepreneurial opportunities as being either “recognized”, “discovered” or “created” ranging from incremental to radical innovation, all views of entrepreneurial opportunities require the following magic ingredients”:

“ the necessity to make decisions and take action often only based on human imagination and aspirations, that may or may not in time lead to new products, firms and markets” ( Saras D. et al. 2003)

Now let’s just take a moment to let this resonate. The magic ingredient to entrepreneurial activity is the ability to imagine what could be, to visualize it and believe in it so much, that your are willing to make decisions and act according to an imagined future outcome, well-knowing that your effort may or may not bare fruit. This on one hand seems a bit risky, and the more radical the idea, the greater risk. However, at the same time, what an encouraging and exciting fact this is, that human imagination, the ability to see what could be and make decisions and act according to it, is the magic ingredient of entrepreneurship. This highlights the importance of using visualization tools to make the imagined tangible and to be able to share your vision with future team members, strategic partners, future customers and investors.

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The power of imagination – Use visualization tools to bridge imagination and action

Visualization is the most powerful method to translate imagined ideas and manifest them in real life. You can do this by using a wireframe software for, app and website ideas. This allow you to share your vision and take the first step to realizing the idea.

How to improve your ideation process – using wireframe software

Great Ideas, seldom appear in a clear holistic way and often require a number of different choices along the process. thinking is not enough, you will reach better outcomes by experimenting and testing different ideas. Visualizing and communicating pros and cons with your team or stakeholders and reviewing ideas from different perspectives. Dive into the process and work your way through the different options provided in the contributing team or stakeholders, you can select the best possible ideas, user flows and designs.

Facilitate communication through wireframing

Visualizing facilitates communication and create a common framework for team collaboration. Additionally, getting more ideas into play, involving more stakeholders only heightens the quality of the ideation process, allowing you to create apps and website concepts, that is difficult to create on your own.

Use wireframe software to tricker action

Start by designing a wireframe and continually test your idea with stakeholders and customers. The wireframe is a blueprint for what needs to be designed and programmed. Wireframing is the fastest method for realizing ideas, as it allows you to make the imagined tangible, test, co-create and verify ideas, before any economic investment.

Use wireframe software to reduce risk


Entrepreneurs are risk averse

The last sentence of the statement saying; “that may or may not in time lead to new products, firms and markets(Saras D. et al 2003)” suggest that there is certain risk involved. You act upon a perceived opportunity and there is no guarantee of success. However, entrepreneurs are not “risk takers” as many mistakenly believe. They are rather risk averse, acknowledging risk as part of the game, but trying to limit it in any way possible. They work with “affordable loss” – how much am I willing to potentially lose if this does not work out?

Test ideas before investing

Using wireframe software allows you to quickly visualize and test ideas. Check if there is a market, before you invest big money in realizing the project. A good idea is only good if there enough people that will spend money on it

As an entrepreneur time is your most valuable asset. This makes wireframes a desirable method, for testing ideas and markets, as it is a cheap and risk free.

Get green light from customers

If your wireframe gets positive response from customers, you can use it to seek funding, as you can present the wireframe to investors and include positive customer reviews. Investors will have tangible product and live customer recommendations,as a basis for their investment decision. So if you want to start a business, start with wireframing.


Got any ideas you want to test? Start Designing!


Best of Luck,

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* Saras D. et al. (2003) Three Views of Entrepreneurship, Handbook of Entrepreneurship Research, 141-160, Great Britain, Kluwer Academic Publishers.