Want to start a business? – Use wireframing to go from idea to business -fast!

In this article we cover 5 important reasons why wireframing is a must starting your business, ranging from creating initial legitimacy, persuading collaborators, getting approval from customers, applying for funding and having a clear plan for realizing your business idea and bring it to market fast.


Why should I use wireframing starting a business?

Using wireframes is risk free. You only spend your time creating the wireframe and testing your idea, which allows you to know, whether the idea is worth realizing or not, without having spent money on designers, programmers etc. only to realize that there is no market for the given product. Wireframing gives an opportunity to test ideas, select the best one, and bring it to market fast, by having a clear vizualization of the future product.


The Power of visualization using wireframing

Visualization is the greatest tool for creating anything. Visualizing an app or website idea through wireframing, is the first step in turning ideas into reality and to create trust in you as an entrepreneur and in your business idea. It is hard to reach goals without direction. Having a wireframe for your idea creates clarity about where you are going and makes next steps clear. Creating a wireframe makes your idea tangible and concrete. It becomes much easier for yourself and others to see it happen.


Wireframing creates value for you throughout your entrepreneurial journey

Throughout the entrepreneurial process wireframing creates value at different levels. Starting with nothing except an idea, using a wireframe is the first, the cheapest, the fastest, and the most effective and powerful tool that you can use. Here is why.


5 good reasons why you must create a wireframe – starting your business


1)Use wireframing to create initial legitimacy

Legitimacy is the first resource any entrepreneur needs to establish in order to gain other resources. Having a wireframe makes your idea tangible and as close to real as one can get, during the early stage of the entrepreneurial process.


2)Use your wireframe to persuade collaborators  

A wireframe makes your idea tangible, you can use it to persuade potential collaborators to work with you. You need to make them believe that it can happen. By visualizing the end product, you can start imagining together and get them excited about working to realize the idea. Wireframing also creates common ground for further developing the idea within the new team and eliminates any potential confusion.


3)Get your customers approval – before creating

Through NinjaMock wireframe tool you can test and get feedback from potential future customers. Through invitation they can make comments to your app or website idea within the NinjaMock application. This let’s you know if you are on the right track or if anything needs to be changed, before spending money on designers and programmers. It also allow you to create the best possible end product for your customers.


4)Use wireframing it to get funding

When potential investors ask the famous question “have you asked your customers?” You can smile and say yes, and add any positive user comments, that you have received during user testing. This is a very powerful tool for persuasion. Just think about it, would you invest your own money in any new ideas without having an indicator, that this was likely to result in a return on investment? Probably not. Having a tangible wireframe, that has already been tested by future customers with positive response, is a very good indicator that this idea may be worth investing in.


5)Realizing your idea through wireframing

Once you have either gotten funding or bootstrapped your way to carry through with your idea. You have an app- or website design approved by future customers, which you can export and send to a designer and programmer. Having the clarity of what you want saves them time, which means saving you money. You can also upload the wireframe on platforms such as 99designs.com and receive several offers and design suggestions, choosing the one that you like best, like one of the current users describe in her success story, my first wireframe.

Realize your business idea. Start designing!




Good luck ,

The NinjaMock Team