Wireframe for Business – Use Wireframe Tools to Facilitate Your Product Design Process

Using wireframe tools, lets your company reduce cost and risk, while bringing your product to market fast!

Wireframe tools are used by business owners, innovation consultants and product managers. They use a wireframe tool to facilitate the product design process. Using a wireframe tool help companies bring their product to market fast. It is a cheap and risk free method, which makes it highly attractive for project management.


What is a wireframe?

Imagine that your company is going to design a website or an app – what do you you want to achieve with this app or website? Then you may draft your initial idea using pen and paper. You draw the index page and decide where you want pictures, headings, text boxes, buttons and navigation to be located on the page. You continue to design more pages, that users can navigate to and decide the layouts of these too. With this method you will get an overview of how users are able to navigate within your app or webpage. This is called a wireframe.

However, using pen and paper is quite inefficient, when you have a project involving many stakeholders. Top wireframe tools support project management.


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The project example above is free for download, import and reuse for your own projects and is available through our Samples page .


How wireframe tools supports project management

Top wireframe tools make it possible to communicate ideas.By creating a wireframe you make ideas tangible, which makes it possible to discuss pros and cons with your team.

Top wireframe tools supports collaboration. The way you collaborate in NinjaMock is inspired by Google Docs’ great commenting features. As a result, NinjaMock features an intuitive and familiar way to leave comments on individual wireframes and to track their status. Collaboration on a project means that all users can access the project workspace and contribute to the project depending on their privileges.

Using wireframe tools enables you to share your company wireframes with relevant stakeholders and keep them up-to-date with the progress of the project.

Tools like NinjaMock also provide an opportunity to gain feedback from customers. You can invite a group of customers to test your wireframe. Via a unique link they can view and make comments directly on their own device.

During the process of collaborating and user testing, you can easily make iterations to the wireframe. This ensures that you will reach the best possible solution.


6 advantages of using wireframe tools for facilitating the product design proces


  1. Saves time and cut cost– Wireframe tools will save you time and money. They are fast to learn and easy to use by all project members. You create and iterate ideas and design the perfect user experience. You don’t want to commit expensive design and programming resources before your wireframe is completed.
  2. Clear communication – Having a wireframe layout increases clarity and facilitate communication, by making ideas tangible and shareable. Having a wireframe enables your team to discuss pros and cons of different ideas. Share your work with your clients in order to get instant feedback and ensure that everyone is up-to-date with the progression of the project.
  3. Ideation and collaboration –Collaboration and ideation goes hand in hand. The more stakeholders involved, the more ideas and perspectives come into play. This improves the ideation process and ensure that the best possible solution is created. Make sure that your wireframe tool supports collaboration.
  4. User testing -Some wireframe tools offers the possibility to receive feedback from customers and users. This is a great way to discover potential problems with your initial design that needs to be reconsidered. Make sure that your wireframe tool support testing of the user experience in your app or website wireframe design – before having committed design and programming cost.
  5. Project management –using a wireframe tool supports your role as a project manager. Assign privileges to your team members and stakeholders, depending their responsibilities in the project. Collaborate, like you may know it from Google Docs commenting features and track the status of individual wireframes.
  6. Project Alignment– Collaborating and communicating with clients and stakeholders throughout the design process, ensures that all parties agree on the final solution, as they have been involved in the entire process. From initial ideas to finished wireframe design.


NinjaMock supports the product design process:

This is an overview over some of the specific features, that supports you in the project manger role.


  • Real time collaboration NinjaMock allows you to share your workspace, and collaborate in real-time with with your team. Invite your business partners and colleagues to join your project and assign them privileges so they can contribute directly. You can add as many collaborators as you want. Your team may be located at different offices or even in different countries, but this shouldn’t slow down the process. Real time collaboration makes collaboration faster and more effective.
  • User testing –   With a single click you can share your project with anyone. NinjaMock automatically generates a special secret link, which can then be used to open and view your project.The people you share this link with, do not need a NinjaMock account. This is particularly useful for submitting your work to your customers, who do not use wireframing tools, as they can still view the designs and make comments within the app.
  • Page status – Use page status to keep track of your project. You might want to track the progress of your work in order to understand how near the project is to completion. In NinjaMock, you and your reviewers can control the statuses of individual pages. Every single page may have one of the following statuses “In progress” (default status), “Design complete” and “Approved”. This allows to keep an overview over the design process at any given time.
  • Manage team– as a project owner, you have full control of your projects. Assign your collaborators as much or as little power over the project as you want: make them administrator, designer or reviewer. The Administratorhas full control over folders and projects and can invite other collaborators. The Designer, as one might expect, designs work in the project. However, this user will not be able to administer other users and their roles. The role with the fewest permissions is the Reviewer. As the name explains, they can view the project and comment on it, but will not be able to design in the project and change the wireframe. Also, reviewers can not administer other users and their roles.


We hope that you got inspired to Start designing, using wireframe tools for collaborating!

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Happy Creating,

The NinjaMock Team